5th Infantry Regiment Association Photo Gallery

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Hurry up and wait (12 busses to Schofield)219 views
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Norma Melo widow of Julian KIA in Mosul Iraq 12/21/04209 views Julian Melo Tribute
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Breakfast for 600237 views
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Breakfast for 600230 views
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Colonel Timothy M. Ryan welcomes us to Schofield268 views
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The Memorial prior to the unveiling228 views
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Major General (retired) Andrew H. Anderson294 views
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General (retired) Fred C. Weyand242 views
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Dave Garrod Co Chairman of the Schofield Memorial Project224 views
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Ms. Lynn W. Liverton Sculptor of the Schofield Memorial218 views
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Larry Morris, Musician Third Class - Pacific Fleet Band Vocalist185 views
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Col. Timothy Ryan addresses the crowd223 views
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